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  • Sorry, what do you mean by APPR PLAN PAGE? After selecting an approach, this page only gives you a general overview of the selected approach, but entries are not possible there. You select the actual approach, as well as the start, from the FPL page…
  • As I already wrote, you can use the whole thing, but you probably don't have to, there are alternatives, and in videos you can see that it often doesn't matter. I fly a lot of RNAV approaches and as far as I can remember I've never had any problems…
  • If anything, I would think of FS2Crew, provided that the co-pilot then carries out these activities automatically. However, since at least ACT APPR is offered promptly at the end, but is only activated manually / automatically at defined times / fli…
  • For you yes, but it would still be interesting to know if it was because of the reasons I mentioned on the short flights where it didn't work. For example, if you can name this again with complete routing (Rwy - SID - Enroute Routing / Airways - STA…
  • Just read your guess made in another answer that ARM APPR might not appear because you're still climbing. I have to ask here, also because I don't know your routing in its entirety. As far as I know, ARM APPR can only appear from the enroute mode (m…
  • Unfortunately, I can't open the txt files or only get a jumble of characters displayed.
  • Can you please state your routing for the flights and your CRZ level again. What is actually displayed on the NAV page when you approach? Can you please take some pictures from different distances?
  • The documents are still available in this topic, see above
  • Can you load different cockpit start states with the Pilot Edition? Then just choose a variant that is not Cold and Dark. Then something should at least run if there is no other error, otherwise I will probably only think of a new installation.
  • I can only agree with Reinhard, if I take back the PL at the Dash, the speed goes down directly. I am very excited about the pictures
  • Are you sure? I believe the Majestics Dash cannot fly an LPV approach because there is no WAAS or EGNOS in the simulator and it does not have the appropriate equipment. In this regard, RNAV only goes up to an LNAV / VNAV-guided approach and the corr…
  • Does this loss of control happen with the disconect of the autopilot, or also with the autopilot switched on? Which simulator are you using?
  • Hello Günther, I've been following this for a long time and am just wondering what you mean by kick me out? Do you have to completely register again or do you just have to log in with your known password? Do you carry out regular "cleanups" on your…
  • The way I read it, it is an automatic mechanism from the new VISUAL EXTENSION PACKAGE depending on certain conditions
  • Is that always the case, even if you were to fly without Active Sky?
  • Well, at least that's not the case with me. With the engines running, the GPU can only be requested in the Start & Feather position. Conversely, the GPU is automatically removed if I put the CL or a CL in position 850 or higher after starting th…
  • Right CL in START & FEATHER?
  • At least for the Majestics, I handle it in such a way that after the last waypoint of the missed approach, which is again the planned destination, I enter the end point of the SID of my planned ALTN route and then the planned routing and the ALTN. I…
  • As far as I know, the flight number is not necessarily transmitted via the entry in the FMS. In this case, the flight ID becomes part of the data transmission of the transponder signal. But there are also aircraft without FMS or where the automatic …
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  • Have a look here, jpgmultimodal has set the Flybe procedures as images for all approaches
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  • Let's just stick to one approach to solve problems or find solutions, otherwise you have to think again every time.
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  • So I will probably not be able to fly today and probably next week, work and preparation for youth camps. ARM APR is not so relevant for the success of the approach in the FS. Here, among other things, only certain requirements are checked and you a…
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  • It is not about whether you are flying with ATC support, but rather practicing flight behavior like ATC would do and which makes overall sense in the execution of the flight. During your flight in the video, the system didn't even know what was goin…
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  • Sorry if I have to put it that way, but your flight implementation is pretty confused! After the holding, ATC will take you back to a point with a vector course, from which they will let you take the final approach again. From the holding it is advi…
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  • Do I have to check on the WE, but had several GAs, just back to the beginning of the STAR (to test images or different flight modes), but then exactly like the first approach.
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  • I have illustrated many of the flights so that I can use them for questions or to be able to write a tutorial on certain topics. So I can show with pictures how things are going for me. So far I have mostly had no problems with VNAV in the final app…
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  • It is always difficult to judge from a distance and without pictures and without looking back at your actions beforehand. Have you had VNAV armed?
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